Norwegian Airlines and the Flights from Hell

On February 9th I left New York City on a quest to check another trip off of my bucketlist. I packed my bags up and headed to JFK airport for a flight to Paris, France with Norwegian airlines. The trip overall was amazing, but my experiences with Norwegian airlines were an absolute nightmare!

All the details are discussed on the vlog, but lets talk details until thats available. 

From the very beginning of the trip our dealings with norweigian were lacking customer service and empathy. When arrived to the ticketing desk at JFK airport, because they didn’t allow us to select our seats or check in online, we were told we needed to weigh our carry on bags. Not only did we have to weigh our carry on bags but we were being held to a 10kg limit per person that also included the weight of our personal items. After the unexpected weigh in we were told we needed to check a bag, but we had to pay. Even though we were going on an international flight we were not allowed a free checked bag. The baggage fee was $65. We asked if there was any way to avoid having to pay the fee and were told no, bluntly. We paid the $65 fee and headed to our gate. After arriving to our gate, 15 minutes before boarding time we waited almost an hour after boarding time before we were allowed to board the plane. A whole hour DELAY. After boarding the plane and finally being on our way we were in for another rude awakening. Not until we were 3 hours into our 7 hour flight were we informed that we wouldn’t be privey to drinks, alcoholic or still ( as in water), or food. Being the talkative person I am I chatted up a young lady on our way into the plane and she snuck us the meals and free drinks but even with the kind gesture the flight was an absolute nightmare. 

The flight back wasn’t any better, in fact it was much worse. Our tickets read Paris – NY for the return flight so we got to CDG airport  2.5 hours before our flight just to be told our flight wasn’t leaving from that airport. Since we had a connecting flight back to the US our flight was leaving from Orly Airport on the other side of Paris. To add insult to injury, we weren’t allowed to pay for our checked baggage online and had to pay 100 euro to check our bag at the airport, thats on top of the 125 euro we spent on Ubers between our hotel and the two airports. We weren’t offered water or any food on either of our two flights back to the US, but again thanks to my talkative nature another flight attendant took care of us while the another flight attendant questioned where we got food and drinks from for the whole flight. 

My overall opinion on Norwegian airlines is that their customer service is nonexistent, their predatory practices to make customers pay for every little thing are out of line and their inflight practices of not at least giving free cups of water on 7-8 hour flights are inhumane. With all that being said, their planes are pretty damn comfortable! They’ve got top notch inflight entertainment and their seats aren’t small and tight. Ultimately, flying with this airline is like a double edged sword. We only paid $360 each for round trip tickets to Paris, thats a steal, even if they don’t feed you on the plane. After my experiences with Norwegian on this trip I can not bring myself to recommend them to anyone. But, I will say that if you decide to fly with them because of their low fares you’ve got to pack super light and bring food with you to the airport for both flights.

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