It’s Never Too Late: 3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

We live in a world where procrastination is KING. And we’re here to help remedy that problem. So, don’t feel like shit if you’re reading this the day before Valentine’s day without a gift for bae. Thanks to services like “in-store pick up” and “overnight shipping” you still have time to buy a thoughtful gift for your specific other and have it delivered in time. Below you will find a list of the 5 of the best last minutes gifts you can get for him or her for V day.


For Her:


1 Women love jewelry, so why deprive them of it. Instead, shower her with gifts of jewelry that fit your budget.

Alex and Ani bracelets are stylish, affordable and very popular accessories for both men and women right now. The average Alex and Ani bracelet will cost you about $30 which make this a great purchase for anyone that’s on a budget and for those of us who have a larger budget you can always purchase multiple bracelets and stack them together for the ultimate gift bundle.

2 This world is a stressful place, I mean, Donald Trump is president… In a stress filled world nothing is more relaxing than spa services. A massage to ease tension, A manicure and pedicure to soften the touch or A facial to rejuvenate your significant other would never be a bad idea or received the wrong way. The best place to look for spa services within your budget is Groupon. Why Groupon? Because they work with brands all over the world and make it super simple to access the best deals available from the palm of your hand!

3 All is well in the world when your women is at peace. Nothing helps keep the peace at home than amazing smelling candles. Candles are a simple yet thoughtful gift that promote Zen and make your lady’s house/room smell like a heaven. Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that candles are going to be a cheap gift. Luxury candles can cost as mush at $300 or as low as $30. The price point difference makes candles a perfect add on gift. Fellas, please don’t show up with just a candle on valentine’s day unless it’s a Jo Malone candle or your girlfriend seriously said she didn’t want anything for V day.  Some Suggestions of where you can find the best candles for her are Jo Malone, Bond no.9 or Lit Bklyn.  

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