Introducing The Vlog!!!!

A year ago today I was introduced to the idea of daily vlogging by my good friend, Rome ( @PhotosByRome ), during my birthday trip in Greece. The first vlog I ever watched was Casey Neistat’s and admittedly I thought it was kinda dumb at first. I didn’t understand why anyone would spent 7 – 17 minutes of their day watching what someone else did. I just didn’t get it. But against my better judgement I continued to watch episode after episode after episode. Then I realized that not only was I hooked on the daily vlog, but it was serving as a major source of inspiration for me. It took a whole year of courage to finally give vlogging a shot and I’m glad I finally took that leap of faith. Check out the first episode of my new Vlog, Life as Regular Joe… (The Name is a work in progress)

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