Hotel Review: Hidden Hotel, Paris, France.

Thanks to a glitch deal I was able to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris. We stayed in a small boutique just a few blocks from the famous Arc de Triomphe. The hotel was everything you could want for a week long stay in the city of light. The front desk attendants were very helpful and always on point, they made sure the room was spotless and we had fresh bottles of water daily. I definitely recommend this hotel for up to a week long stay in Paris on a solo trip or a romantic get away.

We only had one negative experience while there and that was when we got stuck in the elevator for about 10-15 minutes around 3am with the front desk attendant. This negative experience wasn’t a deal breaker for us, but it did force us to keep in mind that this was a boutique hotel. Overall I’d rate Hidden Hotel Paris 8 out of 10. Check the Video for a walk through of our room.

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