Getting your money right!

Cash rules everything around me… Hell, cash rules everything around you too. 2017 is the year to finally get a hold of how to manage it properly.


With the rapid advancement of technology managing your finances and saving money has become easier than ever before. Tools like iPhones, the internet and online banking have opened up a world with endless possibilities. In the recent past I’ve had an issue with saving money but apps such as Acorns and Digit along with remote financial coaching from finance guru Dominique Broadway have helped me turn a new leaf.


Acorns is an app that takes your spare change and invests it across 7,000 stocks and bonds with high return probability. The best thing about the acorns app is that there are no minimums, no trade fees and you only pay $1 month until your account reaches over $5000 then you pay 0.25% per year. Acorns is currently available on the iTunes and Android app stores for Free!


Digit is another app that takes change directly from your bank account and deposits it in to an FDIC insured savings account. This app works by way of the out of sight out of mind method. The app manages to remove small amounts of change from your account in a manner that you never seem to notice and next thing you know, you’ve got enough money set aside to finally take that trip to Dubai you’ve been dreaming about.

Digit from Hello Digit on Vimeo.


If these apps don’t help you can always reach out to finance guru Dominique Broadway. Dominique offers a plethora of financial and life coaching services that can fit almost any budget. She is based out of the DMV area, however, most of her services are accessible to anyone. You can visit her website, to take a look at the services she offers and contact her.


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