Day Party Do’s and Don’ts [ Part1 ]

Day Party’s Do’s & Don’ts

It hasn’t even been a full 2 weeks since spring decided to show up and grace us with her warm weather here in NYC. Yet, we’re here prepping and excited for what could potentially be the greatest day party season of all time!

With so much at stake, no one really wants to risk being responsible for killing the vibe of a promising day party. So, we’re here to provide you all with a set of guidelines that’ll help keep you ahead of the curve and always on your A game for the whole day party season…

Have you ever walked past that one person frantically searching their back pocket for the fourth time looking for their ID as you made your way into the club? Have you ever had that one friend that brought their ID but forgot their wallet or debit card? Or even worse have you ever been getting busy on the dance floor when someone gets sick and throws up? We’ve all experienced this from one perspective or the other and the first and most important rule of staying golden during Day Party season is Don’t BE THIS PERSON!

I’m sure that no one leaves the house with the intent of being that one friend that kills the vibe, but let’s face it, shit happens. The best way to protect day party season from yourself is to always be prepared. As simple as this seems it’s literally one of the most missed opportunities when getting ready to go out because of the multiple layers of preparation needed to be successful.


Your friends are cool enough to cover you in the event that you forget your wallet at the crib, but why even be in that position? Set a reminder to check your wallet for your ID or anything else of importance 15 minutes before you’re due to leave for the party. This will cut down on avoidable accidents and keep you prepared for whatever may come whether it’s just a day party or the dinner afterward.


We all love a good day party but it’s very easy to lose track of our spending when we’re having a good time. I don’t know your personal financial state but I do know it’s best to stay within budget. One of the most effective ways to stay within budget during day party season is pregaming.The age old tradition of pregaming has been keeping ballers within their budgets for decades. There’s no better way to avoid the $17 post drink special prices at an NYC day party than pregaming unless you’re going to pop bottles.


Alcohol is the perfect party favor when you handle it properly. But there’s always that one person that breaks the cardinal rule and mixes dark and light liquor. This is always a horrible idea with the exception of super cocktails like Long Island Iced Teas, Donkey Punches and Jungle Juices. The mixing of dark and light liquors usually results in shaky situations for most people’s stomachs which typically results in blacking out and or throwing up at the worst possible times. So, do yourself and your friends a favor and pick a liquor and stick with it before, during and after all day parties this season and every season to come. You’ll thank me later.

Make you stop by next week for Part 2 of Day Party Do’s and Don’ts!

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