Day Party Do’s and Don’ts [ Part 3 ]

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate you for making it this far. You’ve made it to the final installment of the Day Party Do’s and Don’t guide. This is big deal! Why? Because you’re only one step away from holding all the information necessary to take your Day Party season to God(ess) levels.

In the first two installments of this guide we’ve gone over the art of successful prepping for day parties and day party etiquette. There’s only one thing left to address and that’s the follow through. I’m sure most of you have no idea what I mean when I refer to “the follow through”, so let me explain. This guide has helped you avoid all of the pre party catastrophes possible and given you the little black book of guidelines to keep your cool on 100,000 for any and every day party you could ever attend now it’s time to close out the day and follow through to the night, if that’s part of your plan… get it?

Day parties are like marathons in a lot of ways, most notably they start early and require stamina in order to finish strong.

The DJ’s switched gears and has started playing every hip-hug inspiring slow jam from chris brown’s “ain’t no way” to R. Kelly’s “Feelin’ On Yo Booty”…It’s time to go! There are a couple ways things can go from here, 1. You and your team will go to eat alone or with a couple jawns, 2. Your team will go to the Night party and continue the turn up or 3. Everyone goes home, with or without company. All 3 of these scenarios seem really easy to fall in line with but its even easier to fuck them up, especially after a long day of drinking, dancing and low key shooting shots. Allow me to help you protect your day party experience and finish strong.

In all 3 of the aforementioned scenarios there’s one measure you can take to eliminate all chances of fucking up the feng shui: bowing out gracefully and calling it a night. The worst that can happen here is your friends will try to get you to stay or clown you about leaving early. All things considered, you still won’t be “that guy/ girl” that killed the post party vibe. As for the other scenarios those are going to be a little more complex.


1. In the event that your team goes out to eat after the day party it’s best to be down for the cause, unless it’s not in your budget.

– What you don’t want to do is agree to go and then complain about where to eat. Everyone has differences in taste, especially when it comes to food. So, if you’re going to play a part in deciding where to eat choose somewhere with a wide variety or just go with the flow. Everyone hates the person that complains about the restaurant, but doesn’t come up with a better solution.
– If the post day party dinner plans include people outside of your team, specifically members of the opposite sex, you want to chill and live in the present. There’s no need to bring up the past, especially in front of company. When I say bring up the past I mean just that, don’t bring up things that happened before your pre-game, including but not limited to, exes, old work, “the last time” or anything else in that realm. You really don’t want to be the person responsible for conjuring up old feelings or blocking someone else’s shot.
– One of the most important things you can do when going out to eat in a group is be prepared. There’s no better way to be prepared for a group dinner than to have your money together. The most common pain point when it comes to group dining is payment. Everyone wants this to go as smooth as possible, in order to play your part always be prepared to split the bill evenly. Nothing’s more annoying the “well I only had this” person. In the event that the restaurant doesn’t take multiple cards or can’t split the bill, have a payment app ready to send or receive payments instantly, like Cash App or Venmo.

2. The day party was such a good time that you and your friends decide to continue on into the night.

– it’s imperative that you pace yourself in these marathon Party situations. We all have our limits and it’s best to respect them. Alcohol poisoning is serious and you don’t want to be the person being carried out of the party because you pushed your limits.
– Don’t feel obligated to stay. You made it through the day party and now your part of the way through the after party, it’s okay if you’re tired and want to call it quits. You don’t want to get caught slipping in the club. Dozing off at the bar is never the way kids.

3. The party’s done and there’s no other option but to go home.

– it’s cool to go home. Don’t allow the FOMO to turn you into the friend that just doesn’t know when to call it quits.
– If your friend(s) have some potential action lined up you’ve got to know when to break away. Don’t become the 3rd wheel, even if your friend says it’s okay to stay. It’s really not.

If you’ve made it through all 3 parts of this comprehensive guide you have all the information needed to have successful day party season. I’ve put together a playlist to help you get through this day party season on 100,000, you can access it HERE. Get out there and make the best of what should be an unforgettable summer and be sure to use #UnforgettableSummer on all of your photos.


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