Day Party Do’s and Don’ts [ Part 2 ]

The second installment of this self help guide for a successful Day Party season focuses on day party etiquette. The title of the series should be enough to lure you in, but if it isn’t limiting the likelihood of unknowingly being the obnoxious friend is enough to warrant a quick glance. 

Last week we focused on the steps necessary to avoid being the friend that holds up the crew by leaving your wallet or ID, and how to avoid being the person that throws up all over the place because you just wouldn’t stick to one type of liquor. This week we’re focusing on how not to be that annoying friend. Everyone has at least one annoying friend they go to day parties with. You know, that one friend that draws too much attention or scares away the opposite sex. What if that friend is you? No one wants to be that friend, but sometimes you just don’t know it’s you. These three tips are going help make sure that you’re not “THAT” friend.

1. It’s okay to be Loud, fashionably… That’s it!

The day party scene can be very vibrant with a full cast of characters ranging from the preppy to the sexy to the fashion Gods. All of the above are always welcomed and acceptable at most day parties. The one class of character that is almost always unwelcome to all the functions is the LOUD ONES. No one likes them, but for some reason everyone puts up with them. It’s pretty simple to avoid being the loud one on your team. All you have to do is pay attention to the levels of the people around you. Actively listen to your friend’s chatter over the music and make sure that you’re not speaking above the crowd, or the music. Another way to ensure that you’re not the loud and obnoxious friend is to keep things to a whisper. If you want to speak to someone and it isn’t a group conversation speak into their ear. You don’t have to try to speak over the music, you’ll never win and you’ll most likely be looked at as annoying as hell.

2. Reserve your thirst for the bar…

We have to address the elephant in the room… Thirst is an undesirable characteristic. It makes you seem desparate and drives the object of your interest AWAY from you, rather than reeling them in. But, we’ve got to be real here, we have all been thirsty for something or someone once upon a time in our lives and this is a fact. Men and women like to feel sought after, but theres a difference between admiration and sahara desert dehydration, and a day party is definitely not the place to try and quench your thirst.

There’s a thin line between thirst and persistence, and you shouldn’t try to walk it at a day party. The best course of action is just to chill. If you see someone you’re into to or would like to get to know at a day party, don’t rush their crew and walk over to introduce yourself, because it could go very wrong. Instead you might wanna glance over in their direction a couple times and see if they’re glancing back. ** GLANCE FOR A SECOND OR TWO THEN LOOK AWAY, DON’T STARE LIKE A STARVING KID AT A STEAKHOUSE. ** If they glance back there’s a 50/50 chance they might like what they see. Don’t be a thirst bucket though. If you’d like to pursue, it’s safe to send over a drink but leave it at that. If the person is interested they’ll show it. It’s up to you to gauge their level of interest, but it has never hurt to be a minimalist at a day party. It’ll always work in your favor to be laid back. No one likes the people that are doing the most.

3. Enough is enough, with your phone!

We live in a digital age and its becoming less and less likely to be at a party and run into someone that’s not on their phone. Don’t be this person. If you’re planning on taking a group photo or a selfie, get it done and out your phone away. A day party is not the place to catch up on your instagram feed or see whats trending on twitter. Having your nose buried in your phone may very well block your blessings and distract you from the attention that one person you want in the club is trying to give you. Also, it’s boarder line creepy to snap everything, especially if you aren’t with the person or people you’re snapping. This can make for some potentially ugly situations. So, do yourself and your friends a favor and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN.


Make you stop by next week for the final installment of Day Party Do’s and Don’ts!

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