Bae Watch on a budget… Pt. 1

1st date Restaurants in New York City for under $100 total

In 2016 New York City was voted as the worst city to date in, in the world! To some of you that may sound insane, but for those of us that live here it’s not that far fetched. NYC is a small city in size, but it’s huge in number. There are more people living in the 5 boroughs of New York City than their are in the entire state of Nevada. Similar to Biggie’s hit single “Mo’ money, Mo’ problems” , New York is “Mo’ people, Mo’ options”. With some many people crammed in to such a small space keeping their interest and attention of one person can prove to be a daunting task. Add unnecessary dishonesty, lack of ambition and the ever so common inability to hold a conversation with substance in to the mix, this is the dating scene in NYC.

In 2017, with the rise of the “I don’t need a man for shit” woman and the “I’m just going out with him because I’m hungry” woman men are still expected to pay for most, if not all, dates/outings in the courtship stage of any flirtation, situation-ship and/or relationship. Ladies, if you’re reading this please know that that shit is TOUGH. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for courting the woman I am entertaining at the moment, but this is New York Fuckin City. Rent for a studio apartment on the island of Manhattan is starting at $1450 a month, for a shit hole, a monthly metro card is $120+, the average cost of a good drink is $15 and a typical dinner date at a non chain or brick and mortar restaurant is going to cost you at least $125. I say all that to say, it costs too much just to breathe in NYC yet alone date. I’ve take some time to scout a few restaurants with Good food, even better drinks and the best prices for dinner dates under $100.

This list focuses on restaurants in Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan (including Harlem and Washington Heights)

1. Little Bamboo sushi ( 175 Lenox Avenue, Harlem, NY 10026 )

This low key gem is located in the heart of Harlem, New York, 119th and Lenox avenue. Bamboo is a sushi and Thai styled eatery with some serious ambiance. From the outside you can’t tell if this is a lounge or a restaurant, but the red and blue lights shining through the floor to ceiling windows reel you in. Once inside you’ll notice that the restaurant’s layout is designed to fit any type of visitor, there’s a take out counter as soon as you walk. Bypassing the take out counter you walk thru a pseudo mysterious walk way into an all blue room fitted with modernized picnic styled tables. There’s a full on bar and an extensive menu with options ranging from sushi to teriyaki rice bowls. Dinner for two with two drinks each at Bamboo will cost you about 85-98 dollars after tax and tip.

2 . Cantina Taqueria and Tequila Bar ( 111th and 7th Avenue, lower Harlem or “Upper West Side )

Cantina is a product gentrification and cultural robbery, but gahdamit they’re tacos are so good! Located on 110th street and Frederick Douglas Blvd, Cantina is a Mexican styled restaurant with an old school Harlem theme to it. It’s super easy to find cheap Mexican food in NYC, I know, but this is super cheap AMAZING Mexican food. The average price for taco at Cantina is $7. There flavors range from Jerked chicken tacos to scrimp and fish tacos. On Tuesdays all tacos are only $3 and their margaritas are $5! A dinner date for two with two drinks each at Cantina will cost you about $55-70 with tax and tip included.

3. Peaches ( 393 Lewis Ave, Bed-Stuy or “Stuyvesant Heights, NY )

Peaches is a small Brooklyn based Soulfood restaurant with a powerful menu. With the highest priced item on the menu being the “12 hour short ribs” at $21 dollars Peaches proves to be a great idea for Brooklyn millennials that want to date on a budget. A dinner date for two with one drink each will cost you about $80-90 max.

4. Jacob’s Pickles ( 509 Amsterdam Ave, Upper West Side, NY )

Jacob’s pickles is one of my favorite low key eateries in New York. The ambiance of the restaurant is chill and sexy. Any given night you can walk in to enjoy a good meal while tapping your feet to the best playlists you’ve ever heard in a restaurant. Jacob’s pickles is a “southern comfort” styled restaurant, but it’s nothing like what you’d expect. They specialize in pickles and beer, even if you don’t eat pickles or drink beer I promise you’ll want to order half the menu. A dinner date at Jacob’s Pickles for two with one drink each will cost you $75-85.

Now, I could go on and on with this list, but if I did that you’d have no reason to come back next week…


Thank me later,

-Joe Chea

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