5 tips to surviving festival season with style

With Ultra Music Fest ending last night it is safe to say that the 2017 festival season is in full swing. And with a surge of 1st time festival goers what better time to share some survival tips to make it through the season with style. 

I’m sure that every photo, video or snap you’ve seen of a music festival looks like some massive mystical concert where people smoke, drink and have an amazing time. That is partially true, but what you don’t hear about or see on social media are the not so amazing aspects of music festivals. Follow this post for 5 tips to help you survive festival season in style.

1. Never wear new shoes!!!

People rarely speak about the carnage festival grounds does to footwear. Allow me to paint a picture for you. Most music festivals take place in large parks that are mostly made of grassy areas. So, imagine a large grassy area… Then imagine a couple thousand people walking back and forth on top of said grassy area. All the back and forth walking over the grassy areas usually turns these areas in to massive dust/dirt fields that DESTROY shoes. Word to the wise for music festivals wear some kicks or boots that you don’t care about and save your good kicks for the exclusive after parties, brunches and pool parties.


2. Bring a bandana

With all of that dust and dirt being exposed from the thousands of people walking around the festival grounds having a bandana with you at all times would be a great idea. Why? because the loose dust and dirt usually flies all over the place when people are traveling from stage to stage, making it very difficult to breathe and even more difficult to see.


3. Shades are a must

Sunglasses are always a great style idea. However, at a music festival they’re a necessity. 1, to help you keep the sun out of your eyes, 2. to help you keep the dust out of your eyes. I mean, imagine seeing a drop dead gorgeous woman in the crowd but losing her before you get the chance to shoot your shot because you got dust in your eyes… Don’t be that guy!

4. Always layer up

At early festivals like Coachella, Ultra and SXSW its important that you layer up on your clothing because the temperature changes from day to night can be extreme! So, always carry a light jack or thicker shirt or crew neck that you can tie around your waist during the day and put on to fight the cold temps during the night.

5.  Jersey’s are in!

My final tip to help you survive this festival season in style is to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Meaning, being able to see popular trends before they go mainstream. More specifically, wear throwback jersey’s. This summer throwbacks will be back in style, full swing and you want to be apart of this trend especially at festivals. Why? Because they’re comfortable, light weight, perforated for great air circulation and most importantly they’re stylish. Trust me on this one… Nah, All 5 of these!

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