5 reasons why millennials of color don’t ski, 7 reasons why they should

For our birthdays this year my girlfriend and I decided to skip our usual sun-filled getaway to the Caribbean. Instead, we put together a Ski Trip to Lake Tahoe in partnership with our friends over at Argentum Partners, a world-class PR firm based out of Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. We had never been skiing before but have always been interested in finding out if we’d like it. So, we invited 15 of our creative and influencer friends to come along on the trip with us to ski and explore the Reno Tahoe area. Only 9 of the original 15 confirmed guests were able to make it, but the trip was still fun-filled. I learned a lot during our 5 days and 4 nights in the Reno Tahoe area but the most important takeaways from this trip were the 5 reasons black millennials don’t ski and 10 reasons why they should!

Reasons why we don’t ski:

  1. They’ve never skied before! – Most millennials of color have never been skiing and aren’t really open to things they don’t know much about or haven’t heard about from friends.
  2. Budgetary concerns – Not knowing what to expect from skiing is enough to keep us millennials away. Staying away from the act also means staying away from the information about it. So, photos of wypipo draped in The North Face apparel in the Swiss Alps and Aspen are all we have to go as indicators of price and that shit ain’t cheap!
  3. Snow = Cold – it’s no secret that we’re not from arctic climates and we typically don’t like the cold. In order for there to be snow, it’s gotta be cold, at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. Most black millennials aren’t purposely signing up to pay to be in the cold for any period of time.
  4. Image is everything, right? – No one wants to look stupid in the public eye, even when they’re learning. And learning is definitely going to be a major part of the skiing experience, so will falling on your ass. The fear of being on one’s ass is more than enough to keep most people away from great experiences.
  5. Fear of injury or ending up like Sonny Bono… – We’ve already established that a lot of millennials of color don’t ski but most of us have seen some YouTube footage of an X games participant crashing or being airlifted off a mountain. The combination of fear and not knowing what you’re doing is a recipe for getting hurt. With that being said we typically avoid taking those kinds of risks…

Now, don’t get me wrong all 5 of those reasons are logically sound. But let’s be real they’re all excuses. If we avoided everything we weren’t familiar with or were afraid of we’d be a pretty limited group of individuals. Limited is one thing Millennials are not, we are the go-getting, money making, self-employed, risk-taking, adventurous generation.


Reasons why we should ski:

  1. New experiences build character – Diamonds sparkle because of their many facets, flat surfaces. I say that to say that we’re only as complex as our experiences in life. Trying and doing new things adds perspective to what could very well be a pretty plain jane life.
  2. New settings = New approaches – We’ve all been to parties before. House parties, parties at clubs, BBQ parties, Pool parties but have you ever been to a Cabin party? I’m talking about a fireplace lit, flip cup battling, Dussé punch guzzling, Jacuzzi in winter cabin party? I’m assuming most of you answered no unless you live somewhere by camp victory lake. Trying new things occasionally requires you to be in new settings which can completely transform a once familiar experience into something brand new and amazingly exciting.
  3. We could all use a little break – Being from a large, never sleeping city like New York I am always working. We all already know that all work and no play can have negative effects on us in multiple ways. So can not taking any breaks but it’s usually pretty difficult to not always be “on” in a major city. Getting away from the hustle and bustle is the best way to reset and rest up and most ski resorts are tucked off in the mountains away from all those big city stresses.
  4. Picture perfect – Even if you are genuinely not interested in skiing, making the trip up to a ski resort and mountain area could be well worth it. The mountains are undefeated in the breathtaking scenery and amazing photo backdrop categories. Even if your fear of crashing into a tree or some other object is enough to keep you off the skis and snowboards you probably won’t allow a little snow to keep you away from the opportunity to take a FOMO inducing photo.
  5. New ways to workout – You may not have known this, but skiing and snowboarding are both pretty challenging workouts but in the most fun way possible. You use everything from your core for balance, your legs to hold yourself up and steer yourself and your arms to help speed up and slow down. In the moment the workout can seem pretty effortless because it’s almost impossible to not focus on the fun you’re having, but you’ll feel it a couple days later.
  6. Bonding Opportunities – Skiing is a solo sport but it’s rare that we will venture into a new territory and try something as new as skiing alone. So, why not take the opportunity to make a group trip out of the experience and bond with your favorite people? If you’re in New York it could be as simple as a road trip up to Maine or if you’re feeling adventurous you can do what we did and take a group trip out to the west coast an
    d ski at some of the country’s best ski resorts like Heavenly ski resort and Diamond Peak ski resort.
  7. Just to say you did it – Deciding to go skiing or snowboarding isn’t a lifetime contract to live a Winter X Games life. It’s merely you making the decision to try something new. Trying something new can go one of two ways; either you love it or you don’t. Either way, you have the choice to do it again or not. So try something new just to say you did it if you can’t find another reason.

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